Handmade Wellbeing Handbook.

Facilitating art and craft workshops for older people in care settings.

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Engaging in arts and crafts can enhance the wellbeing of older people, and therefore, creative activities should be included in wellbeing services for older people, both for those who live at home and for those who live in care homes. But what aspects should be considered in the planning and facilitation of craft activities for older people? The purpose of the Handmade Wellbeing Handbook is to provide the arts and crafts facilitator with information and ideas about developing pedagogical thinking and practical arrangements of the craft workshops. The handbook explores the special features of working with older people, for example, choosing suitable materials, techniques and working methods as well as communication, the importance of feedback and cooperation with care settings. In addition, the handbook presents practical examples of craft workshops that have been conducted in care settings. The publication is intended to be a resource for educational purposes especially in the fields of arts, culture, social and health care, as well as for professionals working with older people.

Handmade Wellbeing Handbook

Handmade Wellbeing

The aim of the Handmade Wellbeing project was to enhance and expand professional competences of arts and crafts practitioners to facilitate craft activities in elderly care contexts. Arts and crafts professionals are increasingly employed in areas of community engagement, as well as wellbeing and health-related services, that are outside their traditional core skills and abilities. They need more profound understanding about how to apply their know-how in these fields.

The project was carried out by four European partners from Finland, UK, Austria and Estonia. The partners conducted arts and crafts workshops in their respective countries and provided training for facilitators and other partners. Best practices of facilitating arts and crafts workshops for older people were reflected and developed collaboratively. The results of this collaboration are gathered in the Handmade Wellbeing Handbook.

This website presents the activities that were conducted during the project. We hope they are of use and inspiration for anyone who is interested in conducting creative activities in care settings and/or training and educating facilitators.


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